Category: Mobile auto engine parts diagram diagram base website parts

Mobile auto engine parts diagram diagram base website parts

From the catalytic converter to the alternator, your car is filled with a host of parts that come together to power your vehicle down the road.

While it may feel like a foreign language, having a working understanding of the parts of your vehicle will make you an educated consumer that will be able to converse with your mechanic when the time comes.

Check out this infographic to learn more about some of the key parts in your vehicle. Seeing how these parts relate to each other is extremely helpful in visualizing how your vehicle functions. The heart and soul of your vehicle is the internal combustion engine. The engine block features parts such as the timing chain, camshaft, crankshaft, spark plugs, cylinder heads, valves and pistons. The radiator is responsible for helping the engine keep cool by removing heat from coolant before it is pumped back through the engine.

Part of the electrical system, the alternator charges the battery and powers the electrical system while your car is running. Part of the suspension system, the front axle is where the front wheel hubs are attached.

mobile auto engine parts diagram diagram base website parts

Found on all four wheels, your brakes are one of the most important safety systems on your vehicle. Disc brakes can be found on the front and back wheels and feature brake pads and calipers. Drum brakes with brake shoes and wheel cylinders may be found on the back wheels of some vehicles. Front steering and suspension. Helps improve the ride and handling of the vehicle. Keeps the exhaust system quiet through the use of baffles or other materials that reduce or muffle the sound.

Key part of the suspension system to which the rear wheels are mounted.

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Carries exhaust fumes from the muffler to outside of the vehicle. Typically located before the rear axle, the fuel tank holds the gasoline that powers your vehicle. The placement is important to avoid areas that could crumple in a crash.

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As with the front suspension, the rear suspension contributes to the handling and ride quality of the vehicle.The labeled diagram of car engine shared here is one of the best free car engine diagrams you can find. This is because the engine shown in the diagram below is one of the most basic yet simple car engines ever built over the century.

It is an Austin cc engine completed with all the important engine parts which make the engine runs. Most of the engine parts in this antique engine are still appearing in latest car although this engine does not come with a fuel injection system. Engine Cover: Most of the newer car engine has a beautiful engine cover, so does this Austin-Morris engine. Under the engine cover, there are pushrod, valve, cylinder, piston, crankshaft, camshaft, and other components which hide under the cylinder block.

Alternator: Alternator works as a recharge station in a car engine. When the engine turns, it will spin the alternator with a fan belt labeled no 14 and it will generate electric. Alternator provides those electrical powers to the car as well as to the car battery to recharge it while the engine is running.

Carburetor: Carburetor plays the role to mix the right amount of gasoline with air in order to allow the engine runs appropriately. Most of the newer car engine is now running with fuel injection system so they may not have a carburetor.

It works together with thermostat labeled no 10water pump labeled no 17radiator cap labeled no 7radiator fan labeled no 6relay, water or coolant, and a few main hoses with the purpose to cool down the engine. Thermostat: This small metal plays a very significant role while the engine runs. Spark Plug or Sparking Plug: This device delivers electric from ignition system to the engine. It ignites the compressed fuel and air mixed by Carburetor by an electric spark and therefore the engine will start when the combustion happens.

Water Pump: The water pump shown in the diagram above is driven by a belt labeled no 14 connected to the crankshaft. It circulates fluid whenever the engine is running.

Car and Truck Body Panel Diagrams with Part Names

Distributor: A distributor routes high voltage from the ignition coil labeled no 20 to the spark plugs labeled no If the firing order is incorrect, the engine will not run smooth. Ignition Coil: The job for an ignition coil is to convert the battery voltage mostly is 12 V to high voltage in order to create electric spark to produce combustion. Oil Filter: This is the component that will be replaced every time the engine oil is changed. The job of an oil filter is to remove contaminants from the engine oil.

It is a cheap component but an engine will never last for long without having an oil filter. This labeled diagram of car engine is a very basic and simple one. It is the most basic gasoline engine. There are many parts are still missing in the diagram above but it is easy to understand especially for dummies who know nothing about engine.

Do check back Carsut. Your email:. Bowl: For fuel to travel into the carburetor. Radiator Fan 7. Radiator Cap 8. Wiper Motor 9. Manifold Brake Master Cylinder Clutch Master Cylinder Fan Belt Horn The core of the engine is the cylinder, with the piston moving up and down inside the cylinder.

Single cylinder engines are typical of most lawn mowers, but usually cars have more than one cylinder four, six and eight cylinders are common. In a multi-cylinder engine, the cylinders usually are arranged in one of three ways: inlineV or flat also known as horizontally opposed or boxeras shown in the figures to the left. So that inline four we mentioned at the beginning is an engine with four cylinders arranged in a line.

Different configurations have different advantages and disadvantages in terms of smoothness, manufacturing cost and shape characteristics. These advantages and disadvantages make them more suitable for certain vehicles. The spark must happen at just the right moment for things to work properly.

The intake and exhaust valves open at the proper time to let in air and fuel and to let out exhaust. Note that both valves are closed during compression and combustion so that the combustion chamber is sealed.

Piston rings provide a sliding seal between the outer edge of the piston and the inner edge of the cylinder. The rings serve two purposes:. Most cars that "burn oil" and have to have a quart added every 1, miles are burning it because the engine is old and the rings no longer seal things properly.

Many modern vehicles use more advance materials for piston rings. That's one of the reasons why engines last longer and can go longer between oil changes. The connecting rod connects the piston to the crankshaft. It can rotate at both ends so that its angle can change as the piston moves and the crankshaft rotates.

The crankshaft turns the piston's up-and-down motion into circular motion just like a crank on a jack-in-the-box does. The sump surrounds the crankshaft. It contains some amount of oilwhich collects in the bottom of the sump the oil pan. How Gas Compression-ignition Engines Work. Did cars ever have external combustion engines? Prev NEXT. Basic Engine Parts.

Figure 2. Inline: The cylinders are arranged in a line in a single bank. Figure 3. V: The cylinders are arranged in two banks set at an angle to one another. Figure 4. Flat: The cylinders are arranged in two banks on opposite sides of the engine. They keep oil in the sump from leaking into the combustion area, where it would be burned and lost.Taking the next step in your maintenance or restoration project means relying on Raybuck Auto Body Parts.

Our body panels — made from heavy-gauge stamped steel — uphold a reputation for quality. Refer to the truck body panel diagram and follow along with each number and truck body part name to learn more about each one and how Raybuck can provide you with top-quality aftermarket replacements:.

Bumpers are located at the very front of the vehicle, below the front grille. As a result, they often need to be replaced after a front-end collision. Bumper ends are an important addition to the bumper itself. They seal the larger assembly from the corrosive influence of dirt, water and road debris — all factors that can cause damage over time to these parts.

Also called a bumper valance, these can be found on the front, rear or both on most modern trucks. Also called inner fender wells, inner fenders can take a beating from the environment and daily driving conditions.

They provide protection against outside conditions plus rocks and other types of debris thrown by wheels. Fenders typically form an arch — made either of plastic or metal — on the side of the vehicle body, around each of the wheel cutouts. Rotating tires can throw lots of water, snow or pieces of debris while driving, so fenders help mitigate some of this matter.

The complete truck door is made of several components, but this term refers to the largest panel and shell. Areas at the bottom of doors can trap water, dirt and debris — especially when drain holes get clogged.

Rocker panels are typically made from steel. They provide structural support and continuity between the front and rear. These parts tend to see especially rough treatment on work trucks and among off-road enthusiasts. Cab corners on a truck refer to the section of the body at the rear of the cab, between the passenger section and the bed.

These steel panels are another environment-facing component that tends to experience damage and corrosion over time. Because of the location, this panel often rusts over time and will need to be replaced. Rear panels may experience rusting and corrosion, however damage from objects seated loosely in the bed of the truck is even more common.

Wheel arch panels receive abuse from grime and salt. These are the panels that sit above and around the truck wheels. They protect the rest of the body from moisture and debris thrown by your tires, so they often need to be replaced after years of use. Manufacturers tend to put foam in between the wheel arch and the inner wheelhouse, to help limit vibration and noise, but this foam holds moisture and causes both panels to rust.

The outer wheelhouse faces the tires, and the inner wheelhouse faces the interior of the bed. Both undergo their share of potential damage and wear-and-tear from use and the elements.

mobile auto engine parts diagram diagram base website parts

This area is the one located between the rear wheel and the rear bumper of your truck. They commonly get scratched, dented and dinged from parking lot bumps or if you accidently back into another vehicle or object. Road grime, salt, and mud often get stuck on the inside of this panel which causes it to rust from the inside as well.

Header panels are an important part of the body that provides support and mounting locations for grille assemblies and headlights. Keep an eye on this panel — both the visible and covered parts — for rust and other signs of wear. The hood protects your engine and other essential components of your truck.

Whether you have a rusted or damaged hood, replacing it is often relatively easy.Easy-to-use diagrams of your model help you find the parts you need fast!

Or call us and we'll help you! With over 60, parts in stock in our 40, square foot warehouse, consider us YOUR virtual parts room! Anything wrong? Call us, we'll fix it! Too often on the internet, what you see is NOT what you get. At PartsTree. So, when you buy repair parts from us, you can be certain that the parts you get will fit your equipment exactly as intended by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Safety is too important for "should fit"!

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mobile auto engine parts diagram diagram base website parts

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